University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

Qi Chen Lab 

tsRNAs and epigenetic inheritance

John Schimenti Lab

Genetics and genomics of fertility

Amander Clark Lab 

Germline stem cell biology

Michael Eisenbach Lab 

Sperm chemotaxis

University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

Stephen Krawetz Lab 

Sperm chromatin structure and sperm-bone RNAs

Michael Skinner Lab 

Epigenetic transgenerational inheritance

Marisa Bartolomei Lab 

Genome imprinting and X chromosome inactivation

David Page Lab 

Y-chromosome biology

Alex Meissner Lab 

Epigenomics of stem cells

Heidi Fisher Lab 

Sperm competition and cooperation 

Jeremy Wang Lab 

X-linked genes and small RNAs in spermatogenesis

Haifan Lin Lab 

Small RNA and stem cell biology

Rex Hess Research Gate

A collection of Rex's work on efferent duct and epididymis