University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine


Research on sperm transportation reveals new cause of male infertility.

​​Cilia beat to an unexpected rhythm in male reproductive tract, study in mice reveals.


Dr. Yan won the 2018 SSR Research Award, which recognizes an active, regular member of the Society for outstanding research published over the previous six years. In making its recommendation, the Awards Committee considers the significance of the problems under investigation, the breadth and depth of the analyses performed, and the level of originality manifested in the publications of this work. 

UNR Med’s Dr. Yan honored with 2018 SSR Research Award.




Dr. Yan was elected as a Fellow of the American Society for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS).

Dr. Wei Yan received the UNR 2017 Outstanding Researcher Award. 


Dr. Wei Yan named the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation Professor.
Dr. Yan selected as editor-in-chief of Biology of Reproduction journal.

Dr. Wei Yan|Knowledge in a nanosecond.

KTVN Channel 2 highlights the Yan lab research on male infertility and the development of novel male contraceptives.
Medicine scientist Dr. Wei Yan finds the cause of 'headless' sperm in male infertility.
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A novel role for Ranbp9 in regulating alternative splicing in spermatogenic cells.
Dr. Wei Yan's interview with NPR KUNR 88.7FM.
Yan Lab discovers five microRNAs that control critical developmental processes.

Dr. Wei Yan discusses the discovery of small noncoding RNA derived from mitochondrial genome.
Dr. Wei Yan discusses the role of DROSHA in spermatogenesis.
Dr. Wei Yan won the 2013 Nevada Healthcare Hero Award for Technology and Research.

Dr. Yan named Associate Editor for journal Biology of Reproduction.
A tale of two researchers 7/9/12: Nevada Today: University of Nevada
Yan has been selected as this year’s recipient of the American Society of Andrology Young Andrologist Award.

Yan accepted for membership in NIH Center for Scientific Review

INVerbatim Podcast: Dr. Wei Yan talks about groundbreaking research- Blubrry
2009 SSR New Investigator Award - Dr. Wei Yan - Society for the study of reproduction
Small RNAs can play critical roles in male fertility/contraception
University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine Yan selected as Regents' Rising Star